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Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire announces S2 Del Mar, its most affordable electric motorcycle yet

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

80 horsepower, 100 miles of city range

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LiveWire, the electric motorcycle company spinoff from Harley-Davidson, announced its most affordable model yet, the S2 Del Mar. The initial batch of Del Mar motorcycles, dubbed Launch Edition, will sell for $17,699, while base model versions will start at $15,000.

The S2 Del Mar is a middleweight motorcycle, making it more approachable than last year’s LiveWire One. It’s being built on LiveWire’s Arrow platform, which includes battery, electronics, and motor, in a single unit that the company can then plug various model types into.

The Del Mar will use the S2 version of the platform, designed for middleweight motorcycles, LiveWire says. However, Arrow is designed to be scalable, and future versions are expected to include a lightweight S3 and heavyweight S4 design.


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