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Coronavirus Apple and Google

At one time or another, we’ve all declared our smartphone “a life saver.” Now Apple and Google have teamed up to make that come true -- by helping stop community spread of the Coronavirus.

The New York Times reports the tech rivals are teaming up to develop software that tells you if you were recently in contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus. They plan to embed the tool into iPhone and Android operating systems within several months.

According to The Times, the system will work by enabling smartphones to “constantly log other devices they get close to, enabling contact tracing of the disease.”

With the embedded tool, people infected would notify a public health app that they have the coronavirus. And the software would alert phones that recently came in close proximity to the infected person’s device. Obviously, this will raise the eyebrows for personal privacy advocates. But Apple and Google insist the tool will be opt-in (optional) and designed to protect the privacy of smartphone users.

Your phone as a lifesaver. Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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