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Baseball's "Throwing Doctor" to Help Young Athletes!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Mustard motion analysis app in testing now.

By: Robert Smith

He helped Nolan Ryan with pitching, Tom Brady with passing and Phil Mickelson with Golf. Now at age 75, he’s launching an app called Mustard to help kids become better athletes.

He’s Tom House, a former major league pitcher who served as a pitching coach for three Major League Baseball teams. Along the way he became a world renowned expert in the biomechanics of throwing by pioneering video motion studies. Hall of Famers like Ryan credit him with extending their careers well into their 40s after he proved to them “there’s no reason you can’t do at age 45 what you did at 25,” as long as you have the proper process and application.

Now he’s ready to help young athletes become the best that they can be. How? In his words “All the data I’ve collected over the last 40 years, and everything I have learned and taught will be in the Mustard Platform.” And data he has. The “Throwing Doctor” holds a PhD, two master’s degrees and a Bachelor’s of Science, and has authored or co-authored 22 books and over 20 studies for sports and medical journals.

Mustard’s motion analysis app let’s kids upload smart phone videos of themselves throwing or passing. After gathering data on form and technique, it automatically provides users with feedback and training recommendations for physical and mental exercises. Specifically, the app’s artificial intelligence, built from tens of thousands of three-dimensional models, makes recommendations for things like head angle and hip separation. It then feeds users recorded drills to address issues.

Mustard is aimed at youngsters up to 14 years old – the age many kids quit sports. The app, now in beta testing, will be free to use, although Mustard expects to eventually introduce a subscription product with additional features.

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