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Why Didn't I Think of That?® is a registered trademark of Why Didn't I Think of That?® LLC, licensed to Heintz Media Group LLC.

The Concept

A new multi-platform television series that answers the #1 question about the world’s most successful inventions. 

Why Didn’t I Think of That?® is based on the timeless notion that we are all inventors and entrepreneurs at heart. We’ve all got great ideas, but how do you turn great ideas into fortunes or use them to change the world?


Is it luck? Is it brains? Or both?

Why Didn’t I Think of That?® is based on a successful web site (ThinkOfThat.net) and nationally syndicated radio feature that focuses on the ‘eureka’ moment of inspiration that can change the world we live in!


The concept is being re-launched as a nationally broadcast TV series, podcast, digital destination and educational curriculum distributed worldwide!

As Produced

Each half hour episode of Why Didn’t I Think of That?®  will bring to life the evolution of some of the most successful inventions through first person narrative and re-creations. Each episode will feature 5 invention stories presented in a countdown or top-five format and connected by a common theme. 

Hearing the story directly from the inventor will take precedence and their stories will be told in the actual location where the original eureka moment occurred. It’s not just the invention or the idea that inspires. It’s the birth of the idea that is truly compelling! For historical stories and inventions a re-creation of the idea’s development process and story will be included. Next we learn about the success of the product and its franchise today.

Featured Inventions:
The Series

These stories capture the moment of inspiration when a person stumbles onto an idea that can change the world and make them millions. Unbelievable stories waiting to be told from the eureka moment to making the dream a reality! Inspirational stories of everyday people who became successful entrepreneurs.

Did you ever wonder what the inspiration was behind chewing gum, NIKE or YouTube? 

Behind every invention is a story!
Cross Platform Experience
TV • Digital • Podcast • Classroom

The Why Didn’t I Think of That?® website will offer a deeper richer experience about invention, innovation and what it takes to be an entrepreneur who “thinks outside of the box!”


Why Didn’t I Think of That?® will also take the multiple platform concept to a new place – the classroom! In addition to the TV, internet, digital and podcast components, the producers are working with educators to develop an educational curriculum for grades 4 - 8 based on the Why Didn’t I Think of That?® franchise. 

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